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What is a zentangle?


A Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation that uses repetitive patterns to create images.


A zentangle is usually done in black and white and the patterns have a rhythm. The ideal is to let yourself be carried away by the creative process and allow the design to grow organically.


We used to call these designs phone book doodles but I prefer zentangles.



Relaxing with Zentangles.

oak leaf zentangle

Many zentangles are purely geometric shapes or random shapes that are filled in with designs. These two examples were done with simple shapes that were developed further.


The oak leaf mimics a basic leaf with text filling the veins.


The designs are mostly geometric with some natural elements and this was drawn with a Sharpie marker. A fine point Sharpie was used for the outlines and an extra fine point was used for the detail.








hand zentangle

The hand zentangle has more of a doodle approach and is filled with nature and pleasant diversions.


The design includes a smiling sun, clouds, trees, stars, flowers,a road with a tiny car, garden wall, grape trellis, bees, corn, fish riding the waves, and a bee skip.


This drawing was done with a Pigma Micron pen. These are very nice pens that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Micron pens are permanent with archival ink and don't run when you have a watercolor wash on top.